Debra Gruber

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Washington State
Counseling and psychotherapy for individual adults, and couples

Welcome, and congratulations on considering therapy and taking a step towards a better understanding of yourself. I am glad you found your way to my website. I look forward to working with you to find solutions, and assist you in co-creating the life you desire.

Philosophy of Care

I work with a diverse group including adults, children and couples. I provide a safe place that will allow you to work through life’s challenges and internal conflicts.  In our work together we will explore the motivations and meanings behind manners and actions that may be causing undesirable symptoms. In an effort to understand these behaviors and thoughts we will work with your individual life experiences.  Together we will work in a therapeutic relationship to find healing.


Together we will explore patterns and themes that have resulted in your unhappiness. Perhaps you do not feel you are being heard, or you indulge in self cruelty. Possibly you are lonely or confused. Your may find that you are not able to sort out conflicts within yourself and this has resulted in ways of functioning that do not serve you. I will help you understand the symptoms that block the way to personal change. My overall goal is to provide a space to work with you to create the solutions you seek to feel more fulfilled in your life. 

My long standing involvement in the therapeutic field has given me the experience and knowledge base to work with depression, anxiety, life adjustments, divorce, relationship issues, grief and the trauma of medical illness. 

My Approach

My style is warm as well as patient. At times I will challenge you to look at old patterns of relating. We will discuss your past filtered through your present experience. We will explore experiences and reactions that have shaped unwanted responses.  My goal is to listen, explore, and be curious to assist and guide the way to personal change. 

A positive relationship is needed to produce the best outcome. You will find that I work hard to create a strong therapeutic alliance with you.